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Guccifer X Michiko Litter Due May 2nd

by Rex Gaylord on 04/30/20

The Guccifer X Michiko Litter is due May 2nd. An x-ray was taken 4/27 and it was determined that Michi is carrying 3 puppies. Michi is a co-owned girl and the litter will be whelped in WV. Additional info can be found in the April Newsletter.

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1. Rex Gaylord said on 4/30/20 - 10:21AM
Her temp dropped to 98 morning of 4/30, so these puppies May be coming a day or two early.
2. Rex Gaylord said on 5/1/20 - 08:19AM
Michi went into labor about 1AM and at this writing hasn't had first puppy yet. Note by earlier comment when I used "May" instead of "may" was no pun intended.
3. Karen Palermo said on 5/9/21 - 11:28AM
How exciting ! Looking forward to following them and reading about their progress.!

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