Sho Mai Sou is a Heritage Breeder of the Shiba Inu, striving to produce the best of the breed for the show conformation ring, dog sports and healthy, stable family members.  We breed to the AKC Shiba Inu Breed Standard and as members, we have agreed to abide by the AKC rules and the National Shiba Club of America Code of Ethics and we have completed AKC Breeder Basics.
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Our Sires
"Star-Lord" Champion Morningstar Star-Lord Son Of Shishigen Aka Kolo CA

"Gucci" Champion Gaylord's Guccifer 10.0 Sho Mai Sou CA BCAT

"Ace" Champion Gaylord's Aka Baron Ace CAA  AOM

Our Dams
"Kimi" Grand Champion Morningstar-Gaylord No Kinshu Go Sho Mai Sou

"Ayumi" Gaylord's Ayumi Walk This Way

"Michi" Gaylord's Michi BB Shomaisou

"Bella" Gaylord’s Bella Redd Dancer Sho Mai Sou

"Kimiko" AKA "Mini T" Gaylord’s No Kimiko Go Sho Mai Sou